1. Clean hall and maintain cleanliness at least weekly.
  2. Thoroughly clean after all rentals and or use which may occur on holidays and weekends (except Christmas Eve). If a problem arises with availability (of custodian) 2 weeks prior notice shall be given to the board or member for someone to cover absence.
  3. Twice a year, clean thoroughly from floor to ceiling including windows (inside and out) to remove cobwebs, clean and sanitize refrigerator.
  4. Maintain accurate record/calendar of rentals/use with copy in office for reference and/or availability questions.
  5. Perform light maintenance such as changing light bulbs (may require use of step ladder), plunging toilets, and any other task/repair which does not require a license, special tools, or special skills.
  6. Report any building defects which require repair.
  7. Cleaning of minor vermin residue or messes (i.e.: traps, glue boards, droppings etc.) and report larger scale infestations.
  8. Order supplies for Hall, Park, and Fire station as needed.
  9. Take water samples quarterly.
  10. Empty the trash at the Veteran’s Park.
  11. Please turn in a report every month, before the Board Meeting to the clerk of your rentals, monthly cleaning chart checklist and any findings of possible repairs.
    Please come to Townhall during business hours to pick up an application.
    Posting will close on August 9, 2023
    Interviews will be held before the Board Meeting on August 11, 2023.