Onondaga Township

Fire Department


For any emergencies, dial 911

Non-emergency Phone Number: (517) 628-2600

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 67, Onondaga MI 49268

Burn Permit Information

Contact the Fire Department or Township Hall to obtain a permit

View Burning Regulations and Permit Application Here

Burn Permit  via Google Form Here

  • Hours for burning shall be from sunrise to sunset. No burning after dark. ALL fires must be attended at all times. Additionally, only wood, paper, brush, leaves are products to be burned.
  • In the winter month’s when snow covers the ground you do not need a permit to burn. In the event wind speeds increase to 10mph or above, permits will be temporarily suspended until wind speeds decrease


To speak with the Fire Department staff, call the office phone at (517)628-2600

James Tow, Jr


Corey Kubik

Assistant Fire Chief


David Moore


Travis Anders


Randy Maiville

Safety Officer/FF/MFR

FF: Brent Smith
FF: Elijah Bean
FF: Creig Adelman
FF/MFR: Gene Tidd
FF/EMT: Cory Kubick
Engineer: Don Fehrenbach
FF/MFR: Korie Gray
Trainee: Kari Priesman
Engineer: Jim Tow, Sr.
Engineer: Kurt Samson
FF/MFR: Tom Bugbee
FF/MFR: Jason Randall
FF/EMT: Neil Coatsworth
FF: Cody Stevens
FF/Medic: Krayton Coatsworth
Trainee: Dalton VanOrder
Engineer: Jeff Kent
FF/MFR: Sherry Kent
FF: Danny Pettit
FF: Brandon Pant
FF/Medic: Chuck Blake
Engineer: John Myers

Job Openings

If interested in applying for a position as a fire fighter with the Onondaga Township Fire Department, contact the Fire Department office at (517)628-2600 and ask to speak with Gene Tidd