Notice of Lawn Care Bids 2024

Onondaga Township

Notice of Lawn Care Bids 2024

Onondaga Township will be accepting bids for Lawn Care Services for the 2024 year. Please see below the properties that should be included in your bid. Kindly provide a bid for each line item individually on the Lawn Care Bid Sheet. The Lawn Care Bid Sheet is not fillable, you will need to print off and fill in OR you can pick one up at the Town Hall Offices. Please submit all sealed bids to Onondaga Township, Attention Clerk Seavolt, Lawn Care Bid, PO Box 67, Onondaga, MI 49264. You may also bring your bid into the office located at 4756 Baldwin St, Onondaga or use the Onondaga Township Drop Box by 4 pm on March 14, 2024.

  1. General Terms. The Contractor shall provide the services as described in the request for bids (“RFB”) and Contractor’s Lawn Care and Maintenance Services Bid (“Bid”), which are incorporated into this Agreement, including:
  1. Mowing and trimming work for the following properties (“Township Properties”):
    1. Veteran’s Memorial Park
    1. Baldwin Park –to be mowed as close to the weekend as weather permits.
    1. Lane Cemetery
    1. Onondaga Cemetery
    1. The Township Hall
    1. The Township Fire Hall
    1. Junk and debris removal from Township Properties as directed.
    1. Seasonal cleaning of Township Properties, including removal of leaves.
    1. Filling of ruts on the Township Properties as needed; and
    1. Planting grass at the Township properties, if necessary.

Marcie Seavolt

Onondaga Township Clerk

4756 Baldwin St.

PO Box 67

Onondaga, MI 49264

(517) 628-2654                                                                                   Posted February 13, 2024